Ivy created a space in which I could be more honest with myself than I’ve been in a long time. I felt that Ivy created and sustained the momentum of our interactions. I often hear Ivy in my head asking me the hard questions.
Inger H
International Development Professional / Academic
I rely on Ivy for her deep knowledge of communities of vibrant women from various backgrounds. She provides me with honest, constructive conversation. She is a bright light in the darkness.
Suzi H
Soulpreneur / Small Business Owner
I have a coach and she’s awesome. She holds me to my commitments.
Lynann B
VP / Senior Communications Executive
In each session Ivy was fully present and free from distractions.
Karin E
Gender Non Binary Educator, Author & Coach
Ivy gives great advice, inspires me to try new things and go after goals.
Holly L
Executive Director - IT Services Provider
Already in our first session I could tell that coaching with Ivy was the answer for the call to help that I hadn’t even known to make. Ivy helped me and my small but growing business prepare for maternity leave in a way I wouldn’t and couldn’t have done alone.

On the other side of maternity leave, I knew where to begin. I wasn’t drowning in overwhelm because we made a plan and I had a list. That was so comforting to know during my leave, and super empowering when I got back to it.

My time with Ivy was my time. She was fully present and free from distractions. I knew I would get her full attention—and whatever combination of her expertise, insight or compassion I needed in that moment, she was there with and for me.

My biggest takeaway from our coaching is that there is so much potential, and by being present to each stage I am in, while still strategically thinking about my vision and what’s to come, I will get there one step at a time, enjoying the journey as I do.
Karin E
Gender Non Binary Educator, Author & Coach
Ivy adds great conversations, healthy motivation for myself and long-lasting support to my life. I never feel judged or alone when we talk things through.
Betsy P
University Medical Residency Administrator
Ivy is kind, patient, powerful and a total badass! She knows just what to say to help me through a funk. She is unfailingly inspirational.
Amy N
Web Developer / Aspiring Writer
Ivy, you are SO good. A huge part is who you are and your own lived experience, your willingness to challenge yourself, and your training from a coaching standpoint. The combination of you, your skills, and our trust. The fact that we have such a trusting relationship, which has come into play time and time and time again.

I just completed a 10-week session with Ivy. Having worked with several coaches over the past 20 years, I can say without hesitation that she is one of the best. With gentle, but clear guidance, she helped me get underneath key symptoms to identify root causes of unworthiness and anxiety – tailoring everything to what I really needed, not just what I thought I needed. She helped me learn new tools and apply them immediately in real time, and in real situations. And, she lovingly kept me accountable for my own progress, focusing on whole life integration in addition to targeting specific outcomes. A true testament to her coaching? I’m signing up for another 10 weeks to elevate my progress to a whole new level.

Ivy’s greatest strengths as a coach are her abilities to build trust and to balance helping me gain clarity and giving me encouragement. The combination of accountability and acknowledgement really matters, I always come out of our sessions uplifted.

As my coach and friend, Ivy has had more tragedy and trauma than anyone I’ve ever known. Yet she’s kind, empathetic, accountable, and not stuck in being a victim. She has taken the trauma in her life and transformed it and transformed herself.

Ivy is my 6th coach. I’ve now had three life coaches and three executive coaches, and she is the best.

I’ve seen many measurable results since Ivy has been my coach. I got a new contract for more money. I got a permanent job offer at the company I’m contracting for, which I attribute to our self-work worth. It’s helped me to build confidence in myself and not have an unhealthy attachment to scarcity or lack. I feel solid in myself, so I knew I could walk away if it didn't work out. And because of that lack of desperation, it made the difference. Because of our self-worth work as a foundation, I got to a place of I am worthy of a solid contract, I am worthy of this position. I was also able to negotiate a lease renewal for no rent increase knowing my worth.

I, in essence, quit drinking. With Ivy’s guidance I was able to take a look at my addictive patterns around food and alcohol and work to course correct or change them.

I have the courage to be fully authentic and vulnerable with my partner and to have the hard conversations.

During my coaching program I spent a lot of time journaling, reflecting on my relationship with my mom and at end of her life, how will I feel about my commitment to that relationship and to her life. ...and we went to visit my Dad at the cemetery and I realized I’m just here to be neutral, my mom needs this, and it was amazing. That was a big deal!

With Ivy's help have come to a place of intentionality about staying in a good mental place, being neutral. Instead of being so reactive, and spending energy spinning out and replaying things in my head, I can see them for what they are and let go of them much more quickly.
Lynann B
VP / Senior Communications Executive
Ivy helps me to make goals and stick to them, no excuses!
Joanne H
3M Executive
I rely on Ivy for honest, authentic, constructive conversation.
Suzi H
Soulpreneur / Small Business Owner
I can always count on Ivy for great conversations and healthy motivation.
Betsy P
University Medical Resident Administrator
Ivy is kind and wise. She has done a lot of hard work over her life to know and love herself, and subsequently, as a coach, she created a space in which I could be more honest with myself than I’ve been in a long time. I felt that Ivy created and sustained the momentum of our interactions (even when I was being a stick in the mud). She also kicks arse and seeks out evolution. I often hear Ivy in my head asking me the hard questions.

I thoroughly enjoyed the coaching structure. There were a variety of topics (relevant to me) that Ivy included and, for each topic, various useful resources. I enjoyed the balance between regular practice and new challenges. I also enjoyed the balance between personal reflection and shared discussion.

In many ways, this coaching experience has felt like being in a river. In some instances, it was a bit of a shakeup realising things I hadn’t known (or wanted to know), in other instances, I needed to really dig deep to recognise and reflect, and then there were times when I needed to float and be with myself and what I was learning. It was often a tiring process, but it always felt valuable and most importantly, I felt supported, respected, and empowered throughout.

It has been difficult to end the coaching process because it felt like such a valuable experience. But I feel grateful for what I’ve learned, proud of what I continue to do, and excited for new things to think of or try.

The most valuable aspects of this process have been learning to recognise and interrupt my behaviour, querying the roots of my patterns, and having an armoury of resources to support me. Ivy has put together a valuable and dynamic programme for self-development and self-maintenance.
Inger H
International Development Professional / Academic

My Philosophy

My transformational growth philosophy is grounded by three pillars

Self-Worth  |  Self-Love  |  Self-Care

When you develop these three elements, you will create a solid sense of self that will guide you through all of life’s challenges.

These pillars are foundational. Once you have a solid foundation, your whole life changes, and you can stand fully in your power.

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